The Resilience Edge

Boost your resilience potential and embrace change with mental agility

Whatever your role, whatever your sitaution, the ability to navigate change, manage stress and build resilience is essential for personal and professional success. 

This three-part workshop is designed with world-leading research and strategies for all professionals wanting to thrive in the face of inevitable change.


At a glance

This programme is a transformative learning experience that will empower you and your team to thrive and adapt to inevitable change. 

Grounded in the latest psychology and neuroscience research, The Resilience Edge offers evidence-based insights and practical techniques you can apply in all areas of your life. 

Because resilience takes time and practice to build, this programme is delivered over three workshops. This gives participants the opportunity to embed their learning in the real world. 

It’s all about improving our quality of life – not just increasing our knowledge.
The three workshops are as follows:


Workshop 1: Understanding Pillars of Resilience

  • In the first session, we look at how change and uncertainty affect our brand and body, and how to respond. We also explore wellbeing and hauora-focused resilience.


Workshop 2: A Deeper Dive into Resilience

  • Next, we discover the neuroscience of stress and pressure – and explore specific tools for resilience.


Workshop 3: Forming Resilience with Sustainable Change

  • This final session covers the psychology of habits, why change is hard and how to move forward. It culminates in an action plan for each participant.

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