Conversations that Matter

Navigating crucial conversations and situations

Difficult conversations and situations are inevitable. But if you support your people to learn how to navigate them effectively, your organisation will thrive. 

This programme, underpinned by the latest neuroscience and psychology research, is comprised of two workshops. This will ensure that participants have the opportunity to leverage the power of experiential learning through real-world situations.

The two workshops are as follows:


Workshop 1: How Challenging Conversations Affect Humans

  • This first session will give your team a greater understanding of the unconscious mind, biases and how these affect the way we interact. They will also learn how our brains interpret conflict and difficult situations.


Workshop 2: How to Navigate Challenging Conversations

  • In this follow-up session, your team will learn how to navigate difficult situations and heated discussions with confidence. Through common scenarios and practice, they will be armed with the most effective tips and tricks.


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