Step in & Speak Up

Find your voice and create a culture of collaboration

On occasion, we may see, hear, or experience errant or unprofessional behaviours at work. These types of behaviours have a tangible negative impact on individuals and teams, affecting engagement, productivity and performance.

Centering on the creation and celebration of positive and constructive behaviours, Step In & Speak Up encourages participants to find their voices – and create a culture of cooperation.

By empowering individuals and teams to step in and speak up, you can create a safer, healthier environment where everyone can grow and develop.


At a glance

In an interactive 2-hour interactive workshop, your team will learn how to make challenging conversations safe, grounded and intentional.

Built on adult-learning principles, participants learn the concepts and skills to step in and speak up – and then practise them through real-life scenarios. 

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