So, who are these FrontTier folk?

Steven Colligan

Steven is a seasoned leadership coach committed to guiding individuals and teams towards their highest potential.

With over a decade of  experience and a wealth of knowledge in leadership development, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching practice and is deeply committed to helping his clients cultivate resilience and wellbeing in their personal and professional lives.

Drawing from his background in psychology and organisational behavior, Steven believes in fostering authentic connections and empowering individuals to tap into their innate strengths to overcome challenges and achieve sustainable growth.

Steven Colligan

Glenys Gwynne

Glenys dedicates her career to empowering individuals to thrive and build resilience in both their professional and personal lives.

Having worked with clients from diverse industries and backgrounds, Glenys understands the complexities of leadership and the importance of holistic wellbeing in achieving sustainable success.

Known for her empathetic nature and ability to cultivate trust and rapport with her clients, Glenys applies evidence-based strategies to help individuals and teams reach their potential and navigate through transitions with confidence and clarity. After all, success is a direction, not a place.

Glenys Gwynne

Robyn Hill

An accredited mediator and professional difficult conversation trainer and coach, Robyn empowers individuals and teams to carry themselves with confidence and grace.

With over 25 years of experience in leadership and unlocking human and team potential, Robyn champions the importance of embracing conflict as an opportunity for growth and relationship building.

Robyn's extensive background spans the creative and research sectors, providing her with deep insights into organisational dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

Robyn Hill

Karen Murphy

As our Administrator, Karen is the vital cornerstone of FrontTier. She ensures the seamless delivery of world-class training and professional development programmes and workshops.

With a background spanning diverse careers – from primary school teaching to radio production – Karen knows what it means to foster excellence and facilitate growth. 

Her journey from education to media has equipped her with a unique perspective on the importance of effective communication and holistic wellbeing.

Karen Murphy
What do I want from life?
What impact do I want to make? What legacy might I leave?
They’re questions we all ask ourselves.
Yet often, we don’t have the time, space or inclination to truly reflect on the answers.
But what if we could?
And what if we could truly connect with our passions and ambitions?
Our innate humanity.
What if we could put our intrinsic motivations before the extrinsic ones?
And be free to be ourselves?
Our truest, most authentic and effective selves.
This is the space we want to create.
A space where possibility trumps fear.
Where people feel empowered to take the handbrake off.
To have the important conversations.
To rewire patterns.
To be challenged.
To be silly.
To be themselves.
They’re the F1 drivers, we’re the support crew.
We use evidence, data, and a generous sprinkling of magical mischief.
A carefully crafted cocktail of IQ and EQ.
It’s leadership without the overbearing ego or the superficial fluff.
Leadership that empowers people to empower people to empower people...
Leadership that builds connections and communities.
Leadership that amplifies the humanity and kindness in organisations.
Leadership that focuses on outcomes and feels like play.
Leadership with soul.

How do you gauge success? To us, it’s seeing our clients thrive as they build meaningful careers, live fulfilling lives and create profoundly rewarding legacies.

Let's work together.